Collections 27 june 2017

Collections 27 june 2017

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The firm’s Collections Department provides representation and counsel throughout Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and the District of Columbia. Our representation is primarily focused on legal debt collection, emphasizing regulatory and ethical requirements, court best practices, training and testing modules. Our attorneys and staff are primarily devoted to professions in debt collection. With that specialization comes participation in state bar committees, local bench-bar work groups and industry trade associations designed to promote fairness, trust and professionalism in the legal debt collection process.

We are active in the National Creditors’ Bar Association (“NARCA”), and state counterparts in Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia and North Carolina. Glasser attorneys and employees regularly attend seminars, workshops and conferences primarily devoted to improving collections compliance, consumer protection, ethics and professionalism. Our attorneys regularly serve as continuing legal education faculty for continuing education credit and to non-lawyer paralegals and consumer debt collectors and credit professionals.

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